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President: Allison Thom

Vice President: Pat Rundel

Secretary Treasurer:  Wendy Watts

Recording / Corresponding Secretary:  Kathleen Shane

Members at Large: 

KC Carnes and Vickie Lee Hill

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The History of Ups 'N Downs Agility Club!

Cindy Lyford once had a dream.  She dreamed of an agility club established in San Diego's North County which would provide agility activities to add strength to San Diego's growing appetite for anything agility.  She and other interested dog people founded the Ups 'N Downs Agility Club.  Cindy served as its first President and Editor of its newsletter "What's Up".  She planned and chaired the club's first major event which was the Darlene Woz seminar.  She also organized the club's first agility training program.

All of this was accomplished in about one year's time.  Cindy had a mission, and she couldn't waiver in her direction.  Her health was rapidly deteriorating due to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).  Her flame was flickering when she passed the torch on to the next administration and passed away.  The new board strived to fulfill Cindy's dream and one year later, Ups 'N Downs proudly held its first sanctioned agility trial in her honor, "Cindy's Dream".

In Memory of Cindy Lyford

November 10, 1943 - June 21, 1998

(Photography Credit: Nancy Welsch c. 1996)